Adult Bible Study Opportunities

Ongoing Bible studies can help you remain engaged in spiritual growth, and contributes to personal transformation. Lewis Memorial offers other opportunities outside of Wednesday nights and Sunday School. Financial Peace, Disciple and many other studies will be offered throughout the year. LMUMC’s emphasis on adult education is supported by extensive offerings: There’s a program for everyone, regardless of your age, interest or theological perspective.

Sunday School

Sunday School provides an opportunity for persons to delve deeper into God’s word, the Bible, in an age- appropriate setting. It also gives persons an opportunity to belong to a small group, where they can get to know each other better and provide support, love and care for one another. Here, at Lewis Memorial, there are classes for all ages.

Wednesday Night Bible Studies

The Focus of Wednesday Night Bible Studies is to provide a worthwhile and meaningful experience for the LMUMC Family as it gathers mid-week for a time of fellowship and learning. Every Wednesday we offer different bible study groups according to interest and age.