Wedding Policy 12.15.10.pdf

Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church

5555 Hereford Farm Road

Evans, GA 30809



The Worship Committee has adopted a Wedding Policy and Guidelines to enable weddings performed at Lewis Memorial UMC, a holy sacred event.

Due to the cost involved including the time of those giving assistance, it is necessary to form important policies and guidelines.

There are so many different functions in a church of this size. It is imperative we give all the freedom of each area of worship and Christian endeavor.

–The Worship Committee

Updated December 15, 2010




Church members must make a refundable $50 damage deposit to reserve a definite wedding date. A check is acceptable when made payable to Lewis Memorial UMC. Only after the deposit has been received and the date approved will the date for your wedding be set on the church calendar.

Non-members are required to make a refundable damage deposit of $250. As with members, the deposit must be received before the wedding date is set on the church calendar.

In both cases above the check will be deposited and a check will be cut to refund the deposit after the wedding date.


Weddings or receptions shall not be scheduled during Holy Week, New Year’s Eve and Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, and Christmas Eve and Day and Sundays. Only one wedding will be scheduled per day.


Only Pastors of the church or those approved by the Senior Pastor of LMUMC will perform weddings at the church. When a guest Pastor is requested, the bride or groom must request the Guest Pastor contact the Senior Pastor of LMUMC, 90 days prior to wedding. It is understood that the Guest Pastor shall abide by the wedding policies.


Arrangements are to be made individually for each wedding with the church organist. If the organist is unavailable, a replacement must be approved by the organist.


Soloists are to be secured by the family of the bride. Honorariums / fees are to be made personally with the soloist. Weddings are a sacred service and sacred music is the most appropriate choice. Secular songs may be used with the approval of the church organist/pianist or Minister of Music. The church organist/pianist or Minister of Music prior to rehearsal must approve any recorded music. The church organist/pianist can suggest appropriate music. The church’s sound operator handles all microphones and sound equipment for soloists.


The Wedding Coordinator/Director will discuss plans for the wedding; go over the policies and

fees when the church is contacted to reserve the church facilities for a wedding date. REMINDER: The wedding date will be set on the church calendar only upon receipt of the appropriate deposit and the approval of the date.


Rehearsals must begin promptly at the appointed time, even if the full wedding party is not present. Members of the wedding party should remember throughout the rehearsal that they are in a holy place and preparing for a service of public worship. Practice brings confidence. Experience has taught that it is best for the bride to rehearse with the other members of the wedding party. Members of the wedding party such as grandmothers and grandfathers, who are to be seated before the mothers are seated, should also participate in the rehearsal.


Care should be taken to protect all church property. No decorations may be fastened to walls, furniture or pews by tacks, nails, or wire staples. ALL wedding decorations should be approved by Wedding Coordinator/ Director. No extra candles may be placed on the altar table in the front of the sanctuary. The two altar candles must be lighted during the ceremony by ushers or acolytes, and extinguished soon after the ceremony or after the photographs are finished in the sanctuary. Only no-drip candles may be used in the church. Candles used outside the chancel area must be enclosed by glass globes. Adequate protective materials must be under the candles or potted plants to protect the carpet. Chase candles, such as altar candles may be used with such materials.

ADDITIONAL decorations in the sanctuary for weddings during Christmas will have to be approved because the church is decorated during this season. Once seasonal decorations are in place, they must not be moved until the season is over.




No flowers may be placed on the piano or organ. Flowers used in the wedding must be removed after the ceremony. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to have removal prearranged. Any exception to this policy will have to be planned months in advance to coordinate with the church flower calendar.


No photographs using flash bulbs will be allowed in the church, during the progress of the sacred service. Please be sure all family members and guests are aware of this policy. The church does not offer photography services.


Video recording is allowed, but the placement of the cameras must be as inconspicuous as possible. No photographer / videographer may move around during the ceremony. The church does not offer video services.


Rooms are available for the convenience of all members of the wedding party. The church does not guarantee the security of these rooms and cannot be responsible for valuables left in the rooms. All persons using these rooms are expected to clean them.


No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the church premises at any time. No rice or confetti may be thrown inside the buildings. Please use bird seed or bubbles outside the building. Smoking inside the church buildings is prohibited. Cigarette butts should not be discarded around the lawns, parking areas, sidewalks or other church property. The church does not offer catering services. All arrangements for catering and the reception must be made by the bride and groom. The caterer will be responsible for setting up and restoring the tables and other necessary items for the reception in the fellowship hall. Cleanup must be done immediately after the reception.

All trash must be placed in the dumpster. The caterer will furnish all necessary items for the reception–including punch bowls, serving pieces, etc.


Custodial Services are mandatory for the church interest. The custodian’s duties will include vacuuming, moping and cleaning all rooms and restocking bathrooms and returning church to its original state.